Touart Pleads No Contest

WEAR TV 3 reports that former Escambia County administrator George Touart did plead No Contest on his hunting charges in Wisconsin.

Channel 3 News has learned George Touart pleaded “No Contest” to illegal hunting and illegal possession of game birds.

The charges stem from a hunting trip to Wisconsin in 2005.

Touart will now pay a fine of just over 23-hundred dollars and will lose his privilege to hunt in Wisconsin for 3 years.

Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby And County Commissioner Mike Whitehead were also on the hunting trip.

They pleaded no contest to their charges last year.

BTW: Touart refused to pick up his last paycheck, according to Escambia County Clerk of Courts. The county mailed it to him in a registered letter about 2 weeks ago. Touart accepted the letter but the check hasn’t been cashed. Hmmmmm, is a lawsuit about to be filed?