Town Hall: What’s in Our Water?

Ann Hill, a candidate for Pensacola City Council District 6, will host a free community Town Hall titled “What’s in Our Water?”  from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, June 13 at E.S. Cobb Resource Center, 601 E Mallory St.  The meeting will be live streamed at

Panel experts include:
— Joseph Baucum, former reporter for Pensacola News Journal and current correspondent for InWeekly
— Dr. Enid Sisskin, Lecturer in the Public Health Department, UWF;
— Sherri Myers, Director of Children’s Environmental Action Network;
— Linda Young, Clean Water Network of Florida;

“While talking with residents, I’ve learned that water quality is a topic that’s often on their minds. My goal is to encourage a deeper understanding of the facts and to facilitate an open and fair conversation between the public and those who study this issue,” said Ann Hill.

“It’s been my experience that town halls are an excellent way to bring everyone into the discussion. I’m excited about our invited panel of speakers and hope that this event will give everyone a better sense of what’s in our water.”


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