Trouble with the story titles and angles has this title “Escambia Considers Moving School Bus Stops To Avoid Sex Offenders” about the Escambia County School Board considering a new policy to shorten the distance between keeping bus stops to 100 from a sexual predator or offender that is not being monitored by the sate. The current policy is 1,000 feet from all sexual predators and offenders.

WEAR TV 3 and PNJ have taken the same angle on the story. How does moving school bus stops closer to the homes of convicted sexual offenders make children safer?

The argument being used by the school transportation office is that children may have to walk past a sexual predator’s home to get to a bus stop. Instead it wants them to stand closer to the predator’s house.

I don’t see how its safer to stand within 100 feet of a sexual predator’s house for 15 to 20 minutes every day than to walk by his house. Show us any data that supports the new policy makes the children safer from sexual predators.

The school board will be moving from the strictest bus stop policy in the state to one that matches the more lenient state law.