Trump sound system was not provided by Pensacola Bay Center

Stage two hours before rally
Stage two hours before rally

While some yesterday were blaming the bad microphones at the Trump rally on the Pensacola Bay Center, I reported on “Pensacola Speaks” (News Talk 1370 WCOA) that the system was from another company hired by the Trump campaign.

The SMG confirmed my report this afternoon:

“The sound system utilized at the Donald Trump Rally, on Wednesday, January 13th, was not the Pensacola Bay Center’s sound system. The Donald Trump Campaign outsourced sound and lighting used for the rally, which included the sound engineers.

All concert tours travel with their own sound/lighting system and operators and do not utilize the Bay Center’s equipment. We regret that this sound issue occurred at the Pensacola Bay Center.”

—SMG General Manager Cyndee Pennington