‘Trustees’ Approve Sale

After months of emotional debate on the subject, Escambia County commissioners put the issue to bed in about two minutes this afternoon.

Acting as the “trustees” for the local 4-H organization, the commissioners approved the organization’s decision to sale 240 acres of land to Navy Federal Credit Union. The credit union plans to use the land for an expansion.

The Escambia County 4-H Council—comprised of youth 4-H members—recently decided to sell the organization’s Langley-Bell facility for $3.6 million. The deal also includes provisions for a new facility to be built with county funds at an existing county extension office, or the group could decided to purchase land elsewhere in the county.

Commissioners—acting as 4-H trustees, not the Commission—approved the sale unanimously. Commission Chairman Wilson Robertson abstained from voting due to a conflict of interest: he also sits on the 4-H Foundation, a group of adults which oversees the organization’s finances.