Video: Iowa Caucus wrap up

And the winners are: Romney and Santorum
Republican presidential contenders Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney were effectively tied in the party’s first nominating contest in Iowa. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.
Source: Reuters

Perry reassessing campaign after Iowa
Rick Perry announced he’ll be returning to Texas to reassess his presidential campaign following a disappointing showing in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday.
Source: CBS

Romney Says He Looks Forward to a Long GOP Race
Mitt Romney is congratulating Rick Santorum and Ron Paul on their performances in the Iowa caucuses and says he’s looking forward to a long GOP nomination race. (Jan. 3)
Source: Associated Press

Rick Santorum: “Game on”

Rick Santorum thanked Iowa and declared “game on” following a strong showing in caucuses Tuesday.
Source: CBS

Gingrich congrats Santorum & Paul, ignores Romney
Newt Gingrich congratulated opponents Rick Santorum and Ron Paul for likely finishes before him in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday, but was mum on strongest challenger Mitt Romney.
Source: CBS

Paul: ‘Essentially 3 Winners’ Out of Iowa
Texas Rep. Ron Paul rode a current of youthful discontent to third place in Iowa’s Republican presidential caucuses Tuesday, promising to take his outsider bid for the GOP nomination into independent-minded New Hampshire. (Jan. 3)
Source: Associated Press

Obama Reaches Out to Caucusing Iowa Democrats
President Barack Obama hosted a live video teleconference for Democrats attending precinct caucuses across Iowa Tuesday. Obama outlined his progress during the first term and asking for their help in the upcoming campaign. (Jan. 3)
Source: Associated Press

Bachmann: Finishes Last; Vows to Stay in Race
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann tells a small group of supporters that she’s staying in the presidential race, saying she’s the only true conservative who can beat President Barack Obama in November. (Jan. 3)
Source: Associated Press