We Vote PAC 10/30 report

Supervisor of Elections office didn’t have We Vote’s latest campaign report online. We called and they loaded it up this morning. Looks like all the candidates contributed for a fish fry/campaign rally. Sam Hall contributed an additional $500 through his company, Southern Eclectic LLC.

Candidate Contributions:
Elvin McCorvey $50
Jim Byran $50
Lumon May $200
Wilson Robertson $100
CJ Lewis $250
Claudia Curry $25
Jeff Humbles $140
Marie Young $25
Diane Mack $50
Robbie Andrews $200 (remember the PAC gave him $500)
Total contributions by candidates: $1090 + $1000 from Sam Hall & his company=$2090

Other Contributions:
Halcorp $1000
James Thompson $100
Leroy Boyd & wife $100
Mary Riley $20
Della Abbott $10
Wallace Moran $500
Sam Hall’s wife $50
Total other contributions: $1780

Total cash receipts: $3890

Cost of Fish Fry:
Joe Patti $300
Supplies $14.36
Stage/platform $250
Sam’s $947.10
Walmart $18.36
Maria Seafood $109.00
Bread $35.86
Propane $30
Total Fish Fry costs: $1704.68

Other expenses:
Signs $25
Envelopes $17.99
Paper $45.51
Stamps $168
Total: $256.50

Campaign Contribution:
Robbie Andrews $500

Total Expenses: $2461.18

Looks like they had $1,408.82 in the bank as of 10/30/08. Another report is due soon.

It’s interesting that only one candidate got a direct contribution from We Vote PAC – Robbie Andrews on Sept. 26…and it matches Sam Hall’s $500 contribution on Sept. 24.

Sam Hall, Lumon May, CJ Lewis, Jeffrey Humbles and Robbie Andrews made their contributions out of their campaign accounts. Others wrote small personal checks.

Humbles also lists a $387.00 In-kind contribution for a fish fry. If this was for the WE Vote Fish Fry, then cost of the event was $2091.68.