Wedgewood families to show up in numbers, wearing orange

The families in the Wedgewood, Rolling Hills and Olive Heights neighborhoods have organized to protest the dumps surrounding their area. A flyer has been circulated in that community urging families to attended the public forum at tomorrow’s Escambia County Commission meeting.

The flyer says:


ATTENTION: All citizens of the Wedgewood, Rolling Hills and Olive Heights neighborhoods. We are being poisoned by the chemicals and toxins that are being dumped in the pits surrounding our homes, schools, churches, community center and ball parks.

PLEASE join your neighbors as we rally against this injustice. ALL of our lives are at stake.

WHEN: Thursday, June 26, 4 p.m.
WHERE: 221 S. Palafox Street at the corner of Government Street (Escambia Commissioners’ Chamber)

Wear ORANGE to show our unity.

Tell the commissioners we will not take this injustice anymore!

So many of us are sick or have family members that are dying or have died because of the toxins in the air and in our water.

See WedgewoodFlyer