Which presidential candidate matches your views

VoterGuru, a New York-based tech startup that matches users with declared presidential candidates, announced today the launch of its Web platform. The company has raised capital via Horizon Media’s Incubator program to fuel the launch of its new web-based platform across the United States ahead of the Presidential elections this year.

VoterGuru tracks voting records and public statements of political candidates, and compares user inputs with politician records to find the closest ideological match. In addition to matching users with candidates, VoterGuru educates users on political topics by explaining the ideological spectrum, from “very liberal” to “very conservative,” on specific issues, ranging from abortion laws, to education policy, to privacy and more.

“We are at a unique turning point where, more than ever, Americans are paying attention to politics,” explained Ben Krakow, Co-Founder and President of VoterGuru. “We, at VoterGuru, are excited for the opportunity to educate the public and simplify the process of learning about candidates and issues.”

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