Why is Suttles here?

BP executives visit Pensacola when there is trouble in the media. The damages aren’t as bad as Grand Isle, La. or Orange Beach, Ala. The last big BP leader to visit this area was Vice President for Resources for BP America Daryl Willis who heads the BP claims effort.

Willis came on a Sunday and talked about how effective the BP claims process was. Before the week was out, elected officials were holding press conferences about how bad BP was handling claims. We began hearing horror stories about the constant changing of the claims rules and requirements. The media reports had facts and testimonies that countered much of what Willis said.

Besides getting a private audience with the daily newspaper, BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles will visit Ft. Pickens, attend a meeting on Worker Safety and tour a claims center.

Something tells me that worker safety is the next big problem for BP. We’ve already heard rumblings of BP contractors not feeding their workers and giving them water or bathroom breaks.

The other thing I expect to see are more stories in the mainstream media about how BP and its contractors are good for the local economy. They are helping small businesses by spending money as they fight the catastrophe they caused. We’ve been told that small businesses are being told to go on camera praising BP for all their help with the local economy.