Wiggins expands platform with pledge

Mayor Mike Wiggins has released a pledge to the citizens of Pensacola:

“I will not raise property taxes.” Is Wiggins talking about the millage rate or the actual property tax bill? During his first ten years on the Pensacola City Council, Mike Wiggins never raised the property tax rate. It stayed at 5.057 mils. However, the property taxes jumped from $7.4 million to $13.3 —79 percent increase. Property tax bills did go up.

“I will conduct a nationwide search for a new City Administrator.” Good move.

I will establish and enforce a new city code of ethics policy to be signed by police, firefighters and city employees. This is part of his original platform. Ethics are good.

I will install 150 blocks of new city sidewalk. This is already in the city plans for street improvements.

I will continue to beautify our city, using money from the existing tree fund. …as he should

I will accelerate the development of our Tech Park on 9th Avenue and the Airport Commerce Park. The City lost its original tenants: AppRiver and Avalex.

I will establish a summer job corps for city youth. Great idea!

I will make a clear decision on the Port of Pensacola and move forward with a positive plan. At least it won’t be a negative plan. Seriously, the biggest stumbling blocks to doing anything with the port were Jack Nobles and Marty Donovan. It’s time that this is addressed, just don’t know how many more studies it will take to get a decision.

I will meet with all 100 neighborhood associations. Every mayor – strong or weak – should be doing this.

I will implement a citizen call system for residents to receive a prompt responses to their concerns. I haven’t heard many complaints about city response times, but this isn’t bad idea.

I will continue to fight for Pensacola’s rightful share of Oil Spill Recovery dollars. I would have love for this to have included helping Pensacola businesses and workers with the BP claims, similar to how the Orange Beach mayor has fought for his community.