Will Matt Gaetz let seventh graders interview him? [podcast]

Congressman Matt Gaetz is a national celebrity that does interviews all over the country—except with the students at Creative Learning Academy.

Seventh-graders – Ryan, Violet, Erin and June – appeared on my radio show, “Real News with Rick Outzen,” on WCOA to discuss their podcast – “Pensacola People’s Podcast.”

Their favorite interview has been with Rebekah Jones, the Democrat who is challenging Gaetz in 2022.  The students would like to interview Rep. Gaetz but he hasn’t gotten back to them.

Why Congressman Gaetz?

Ryan:  “Oh, because we already interviewed Rebecca Jones, and both of them are running for Congress. And we want to know their different opinions on different things, yeah.”

Erin added, “I think that would be really interesting to just see their two sides and how they differ.”

The students have called and emailed the congressman.

“We called his secretary once,” Ryan shared. “And she said that she was going to try to schedule a meeting with an interview with him, but we’re still at that point. And she hasn’t told us anything back.”

Is Gaetz smarter than a seventh-grader?

Erin: “I hope.”

What are some of the questions the students have for the congressman?

Ryan: “Why he decided to run for Congress?”

Violet: “How does he deal with having so much weight on his shoulders? I mean, he’s a big political figure out there. That’s a lot of stress. How does he deal with that?

Erin: “I’d like to see his opinion on climate change and stuff, because he said some interesting things on that topic. So I’d like to see what he has to say about that.”