Winn Dixie offers $20 gift cards for shots

Southeastern Grocers Doubles Vaccine Incentive to Bolster Administrations and Safeguard Communities

Free $20 grocery incentive for all customers who receive Flu and COVID-19 vaccines on the same day

WHAT: As COVID-19 surges throughout the country, Southeastern Grocers (SEG) is enhancing its efforts to safeguard the communities it serves by doubling vaccine incentives for customers who receive two vaccines on the same day in all Winn-Dixie in-store pharmacies to further encourage vaccine administration.

To take part in the incentive, customers can walk into any SEG in-store pharmacy or make an appointment online to get a flu vaccine (free with most insurances) or COVID-19 vaccine and receive a free $10 grocery voucher. Additionally, customers who choose to receive both, or a second vaccine of their choice on the same day, will receive an additional $10 in grocery savings.* See pharmacy for details.

As a preferred retail partner in the fight against COVID-19, SEG is committed to the safe and equitable distribution of the vaccine to customers and communities throughout the Southeast.

This includes third doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to individuals who are moderately to severely immunocompromised. Additional doses must be administered at least 28 days after the vaccination series has been completed. Customers are encouraged to talk to their healthcare provider to determine if an additional dose is right for them.

The CDC recommends the same vaccine as previous doses and recipients must be ages 12 and older to receive the Pfizer vaccine and ages 18 and older for the Moderna vaccine. Currently, Johnson & Johnson patients are not eligible for an additional dose and evolving details will be shared as they become available.

As an added convenience for customers, walk-in appointments for all vaccines, including third doses for eligible patients, continue to be offered at all in-store pharmacies and through the grocer’s online scheduling tool. Customers can view current COVID-19 vaccine availability by location, schedule appointments and access more resources by visiting