WUWF report gives clues to the future of DeepFlex

Industrial Port
WUWF radio has a segment on DeepFlex and its future at the Port of Pensacola.

In June 2014, the city announced that DeepFlex agreed to build a $52-million flexible pipe manufacturing and qualification testing facility at the port. The facility would hire 200 people, paying an average salary of $60,000. It was to be completed by the end of this year.

The project was placed on hold this past spring as the company hit financial troubles triggerd by the drop in crude oil prices.

WUWF reports that a small crew is hardening the building at the port to protect it from possible hurricanes. The port director now hopes to see the facility operating by September 2016.

John Myslak, who chaired the mayor’s port advisory committee a few years ago, represents DeepFlex.
He told WUWF that the $200,000 construction liens are still outstanding, and DeepFlex may be sold before end of the year.

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