Yep, Luke is back


Opening without any explanation why he left “Pensacola Speaks,” Luke McCoy promised to be fresh, kinder, better than ever and more diverse. Don Parker screened all his calls. They have tried to use hipper music – that is if you consider the Beatles hip.

Apparently diverse is the key. In the first 30 minutes, McCoy used the word over a dozen times. He even asked one caller if he “liked Chinese people.”

He led with a monologue on Paris Hilton and actually quoted Barbara Walters.

In between mumblings and some inane remarks that were inside jokes between himself and the station’s management, McCoy has taken calls from supporters. All of whom have missed him.

One caller gave McCoy credit for G.W. Bush winning the election in 2000

Another said his 80-year-old mother was happy Luke was back on the air.

His first big rant was on foreign aid and money to the poor. A caller was upset that Pres. Bush was giving any aid to Africa and that was McCoy’s springboard.

Then came his rant on Cindy Sheehan. “I don’t like her, but you can.” – which is a big step for McCoy. Apparently Luke wants to make up for lost time – brought up the sale of her plot near Bush’s Crawford Tx ranch and her resignation letter (both have been in the blog).

…Diversity, thy name is Luke