Latest BP Oil Spill stats

From MarketWatch:

The volume of oil being collected: 3,000 barrels a day, up from 2,000.

19,000 claims filed, “around 8,000” payments made…. 42 percent, up from less than 8 percent two days ago (although these number appear to have been rounded). Number of claims is up 3,400; number of payment up 5,300.

Skimming operations have recovered 187,000 barrels of oil liquid from the surface of the water….up 29,000 bbls from two days ago…based on first stat, only 20 percent of the mixture is crude oil, so of the estimated 30 million gallons of oil that have leaked into the Gulf (using 25,000 bbls/day estimate), only about 6 million gallons have been recovered.