Flag vote delayed until March

The PNJ is reporting that Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson will ask the Board of County Commissioners to delay until early March any vote on what flags to display at the Pensacola Bay Center.

I’ve called Robinson for confirmation but the call went to his voicemail. The issue of bringing back the five flags – Spanish, British, French, Confederate and American- to the Pensacola Bay Center was going to bring a crowd to the Feb. 5 BCC meeting.

Last month, by a 4-1 vote, the County Commission voted to replace the five-flag display–that included the Confederate battle flag– with only the U.S. flag. Some citizens have since asked for the issue to be reconsidered, arguing that they didn’t have an opportunity to speak on the issue. The News Journal’s editorial board later published an editorial in favor of the display being returned, but with the earlier version of the Confederate flag that is used by the City of Pensacola.


Editor’s note: Let’s admit any voting on whether to fly Confederate flags on county property might not be the best idea for Black History Month.