A Facebook account from Houston

Local contractor John Minor is in Houston. This is what he posted on his Facebook page:

“I ended up with 23 sick or injured pulled from the flood waters over the course of 4 days in the water.. I was too late for one yesterday and we recovered the body. I worked without a net finding tragedies and pooling resources with citizens who I will probably never see again but will never forget. the poorest neighborhoods and received the richest experience.

“I do not know how to express the gratitude I have to the people out there who do this day in and day out. I have a new respect for those first responders that do this always for you and I, people like Pearce Baker, Erik Goss, Brad Buddin, Bill Bracken,Jay Saiter and the rest of you. I am sorry I just never understood what you guys do.

“The resilience and strength of Houstonians, Texans and the people from everywhere #cajunnavy that came to give their all. I will be back to Houston and I will do everything in my power to help this great city recover both personally and professionally. Please help in any way that you can but have no doubt Texas will be fine. #Texasstrong #Harvey I am coming home.”

Minor lives in Gulf Breeze and is General Contractor & Property Claims Appraiser at Complete, Inc.


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