A ‘Sign’ Of The Political Times

The removal of political campaign signs is causing a war of words between two local politicians.

On Saturday, July 24, State House Dist. 1 Republican candidate Greg Brown Jr. and his wife were video taped removing a set of his primary opponent’s—Doug Broxson—campaign signs from a property just north of Milton.

Kevin C. Brown, campaign manager for Broxson, says a local supporter set up a camera in the woods of the property, which sits near the corner of Highways 87 and 89, after numerous Broxson signs had been removed in recent weeks.

“He was there setting it up and had just got it going, when Brown and his wife showed up. It was about 8:30 p.m.”

The video was placed on Youtube, which Brown says was handed over to Santa Rosa County law enforcement for investigation.

But Brown Jr. says authorities never contacted him because there was no validity to the claim.

“The people that put up the camera were trespassing on the property,” he says. “I feel this is dirty politics as usual.”

Don Dewrell, an attorney in Okaloosa County, owns the property. Brown Jr. says Dewrell gave him permission to take down Broxson’s signs and put his up.

“I’m in the process of getting a statement from (Dewrell),” he says. “I feel like we have more important issues to deal with than this (in Northwest Florida).”