Alabama says Florida has drug problem


The Pensacola daily’s Michael Stewart is aggressively writing on the drug problem in the northern part of Escambia County, particularly Century.

Flomaton Mayor Dewey Bondurant has asked Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby to create a joint drug task force to tackle the drug problem. “Century is a drug haven,” Bondurant told Stewart.

The Flomaton police chief, Mike Lambert, stated that drug manufacturers chased out of Flomaton flee to Century and Alabama residents looking to purchase cocaine or marijuana cross the line into Florida.

Sheriff McNesby says part of the problem is that he gets little support from the Century City Council. The ECSO is under a contract to provide law enforcement for Century.

Here is the quote of the day from the article: “There are no jobs in Century,” McNesby said. “For a lot of folks, the drug business is their job. Naturally, when you start arresting folks, you have some families that are upset.”

Is he saying the family members of the Century City Council are drug dealers? Surely not.

This is the second area in Escambia County that is asking for more police protection from the ECSO. WEAR TV reported on the Brentwood area (Hwy 29 & Brent Lane area) complaining about drug dealing and prostitution.