Anderson endorses neither candidate

Rhette Anderson has endorsed neither Larry Johnson or Marty Donovan for Pensacola City Council, Dist. 4. runoff.

Email from Anderson to the candidates – with a riddle:

The campaign is over, and I have been asked by both candidates for City Council, District Four, to issue an endorsement of them. I feel that is quite an honor, but a difficult task. I grew up with one, and have gotten to know the other over the last five years. I do feel I know both of the candidates, their inner drive, their thinking, and I have decided which one I will vote for in the runoff. This decision is based on my personal knowledge, comments heard on the campaign trail, an analysis of those items, and an understanding of the candidate’s ultimate goal and desire for the City – and, the answer is:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (their normal known name, without middle names or initials, will fit the blanks).

I do feel that you would be surprised by my decision, if you were on the opposing side. As in the case of all of us, they each have their positives and negatives to take into consideration. Due to that, I think it is best that you, the citizen, make your own decision, based on your own knowledge, and your own personal desire for the region. It is a personal, behind the curtain, decision, and I have confidence in your capabilities to discern your own desires, matched to the needs of the City. I do wish both of the candidates well, and hope that both will be winners for the City – one from the Council and the other with us, the Citizens, as we join together to move this City into a positive future!

I do want to congratulate all the successful candidates, and encourage them to use my acronym of C.I.T.Y. in their decision making process. And to you, I want to thank you and tell you, once again, how proud I am of you and all of our citizens!