Another Republican files for Congress, First District

On Thursday, April 28, Robert Edward Blake of Shalimar filed as a Republican to run for the Congressional seat to be vacated by Jeff Miller. He is the ninth Republican to file. There are also two Democrats and one NPA in the race, which brings the told number of candidates up to an even dozen.

Blake, Robert Edward (REP)
Bydlak, Rebekah Johansen (REP)
Dosev, Cris (REP)
Evers, Greg (REP)
Frazier, Brian Wayne (REP)
Gaetz, Matt (REP)
Mills, John (REP)
Wichern, Mark (REP)
Zumwalt, James (REP)

Kondrat’yev, Amanda Leigh (DEM)
Specht, Steven (DEM)

No Party Affiliation:
Schrey, Elizabeth Anne (NPA)