Anti’s make false issue of records


A more radical anti-Access Escambia contingent is foaming at the month because the non-profit corporation will not open its books for them to review….even though they have no legal right to do so. For a group who has denounce the half-cent sales tax as socialism, even fascism, this is the most un-American attack to date.

Individuals and corporations (which are treated as individuals under U.S. law) have a right to privacy. Because you don’t open your checkbook to me when I ask you doesn’t mean that you have broken a law. I have no right to see you checkbook.

Access Escambia has submitted all the proper financial reports on its campaign for the referendum as required by law. That is all the public has a right to see.

This is a similar tactic that the Save Our City group used in demanding that the Pensacola Pelicans open its books to the public. They refused too…rightfully so.

There are good reasons to either for or against the referendum. This isn’t one.