Are Port users buying council votes?

The Port of Pensacola Users Association has written $500 campaign checks each to Jack Nobles, Marty Donovan, Sam Hall and Mike DeSorbo.

Halcorp contributed $1000 to Jewel Cannada Wynn: Sanford P. Brass, Owner/Halcorp. $250; Joseph Mattingly, President/Halcorp $250; Arthur J Brass, Owner /Halcorp $250 and $250 from Halcorp.

Ronald Townsend also got $1000 from Halcorp and its officers & owners.

That gives the Port users six votes – if all those receiving money vote in favor of the contributions. The vote on the Pate Stevedore lease extension will be very interesting to watch.

Those not taking money from Port users association or Halcorp: Mike Wiggins, P.C. Wu, John Fogg and John Jerralds.