Baby Gaetz attacks constituents

We are learning that our state representatives are only nice to their local districts when they are campaigning for office. Once the election is over, they could care less about the local voters. It’s all about gaining power and lobbyists’ dollars when they get to Tallahassee.
The exception is Doug Broxson who continues to work on BP claims, despite pressure from party leaders to stop.

The latest one to flip off his district is Rep. Matt Gaetz. Several law enforcement officials, public defenders and pretrial program providers from Okaloosa County went to a committee hearing on a bill that would have changed how pre-trial intervention programs are run. Even though their county was exempt from the law, they spoke out against, which upset Gaetz.

“My reaction to the content of that testimony is one of pure embarrassment. The bill would exempt Okaloosa County … I certainly hope that the county that I represent didn’t send anyone here and aren’t paying for anyone’s reimbursements to be here and to give testimony that was totally not germane to the matter before us,” Gaetz said. “If there were lobbyists who told folks to be here, they ought to be fired. This was an example of snatching defeat from the claws of victory. It’s utter incompetence.”

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