Baptist Health Care has rating move up

Press Release: Moody’s Investor Services has revised the outlook on Baptist Health Care’s (BHC) credit rating from stable to positive. The credit rating agency carefully evaluated the organization’s structure, strategy, market positioning, leadership team, physician integration and finances. In its report, Moody’s affirmed the organization’s Baa1 bond rating and changed the outlook to positive, citing key strengths that included the organization’s proactive management, customer-focused culture, increased market share and the completion of substantial facility improvements.

“Baptist Health Care is one of only two health systems based in Florida to receive a positive outlook from Moody’s,” said Kerry Vermillion, chief financial officer for BHC. “The announcement tells us we are moving in the right direction and we are well positioned for the future.”

As a locally-owned not-for-profit organization, 100 percent of BHC’s jobs and investments benefit the local community and region. A strong credit rating is vital for an organization such as BHC to remain independent and to ensure that key decisions that impact the community’s health care services continue to be made locally. Confidence from the rating agency is a solid indicator of BHC’s strategy, leadership, physician engagement and financial performance.