Bare launches mayoral campaign

Press release

Charles L. Bare Launches Campaign for Mayor of Pensacola and
Calls on all Candidates to Sign “Transparency Pledge”

PENSACOLA, FL – Today, Charles L. Bare officially launched his campaign for Mayor of Pensacola, and unveiled his official campaign theme, “Advancing Pensacola through honest and effective government.”

“For too long, our city has been run by insiders, for insiders,” said Bare, “Rather than serve the citizens of the city, most of our leaders serve their own self interests. That ends today. I’m running a grassroots campaign for Mayor of Pensacola because I know that the only way to solve the problems facing our city is through an open and honest government working in close collaboration with everyone who is willing to help.”

Bare also signed a Pledge for Transparency in Government. He then called on all candidates running for Mayor to join him in signing the following pledge:

Transparency in Government Pledge
As a candidate for Mayor of Pensacola, I believe that our citizens have the right to know what their government is doing, to offer regular and consistent input into government policy-making and budgeting, and to petition the government, and all governing bodies for redress. Therefore, I pledge to do everything in my power to open the Pensacola government to citizen fact-finding, suggestions, and concerns.

I hereby pledge:

· to hold all government policy making meetings in public,

· to hold “public office hours” every month around the city when individual citizens can meet with me,

· to publish all financial records of the city, and all government departments, on the city website, and

· to hold and attend four public town hall style meetings each year, and require that each department head do the same.

“I believe in open, honest, and transparent government,” said Bare. “That’s why I signed the Transparency in Government Pledge, and why I call on other candidates to do the same. There is no excuse for any candidate not to sign this pledge.”

“Open government is the foundation of our democracy. The Bare Campaign is assembling a team and working with citizens all over the Pensacola to deliver the message that honest, effective and transparent government is on the way.”

Charles Bare is an entrepreneur and small business owner who first moved to Pensacola to attend the University of West Florida. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration from UWF. Bare returned to Pensacola in 1997 to work in governmental relations at the University of West Florida. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Following his return from Iraq, Bare worked as the District Representative for Congressman Jeff Miller. Additional information may be found at his campaign website,