Bay Cliffs Neighborhood Watch gets organized against burlaries and creepers

The Bay Cliff Neighborhood Association is the latest neighborhood in the city of Pensacola to organize and use Facebook to share information.

From John Paul King:

If you live in the Bay Cliff area please join this page. Most of us have families / little ones and want to do anything we can to protect them and our property. We can do a better job of this if we do it together. If you are a victim of any criminal activity or see anything in our neighborhood that seems suspicious please note it here so we can all keep an eye out, and as always report these things to the PPD. They are working hard to stop these things from happening and have done a great job tracking criminals down with intel from Bay Cliff neighbors. A vehicle of interest at the moment suspected of a robbery and an attempted break in is a smaller tan toyota sedan. Thanks, JP.

Residents are reporting a suspicious green van with tinted windows that approached a boy at his bus stop on the corner of Riddick and Monteigne. PPD are investigating and WEAR TV will have more on it later today.

As I have written before, neighborhood associations are the new political powers both in the city of Pensacola and in the county.