Bayou Bridge Fishing Banned

Fishing is no longer allowed on the Cervantes Street bridge spanning Bayou Texar.

“The fishermen have lost their privilege to fish there,” said Pensacola City Councilman Larry B. Johnson, during the Jan. 26 city council meeting. “—I just wanted to make that public today, and I think those signs will go up soon.”

The No-Fishing signs have now been put up.

Apparently, the city has been receiving complaints about trash on the bridge. Johnson said that there was also an issue with fishermen breaking street lamp globes with their weights; such damages have cost the city a total of $4,800.

“I have received numerous complaints, over the years, of debris,” Johnson said. “It’s an unfortunate thing.”

The city councilman said that fishermen had been asked to keep their trash off the bridge and out of the bayou, but the problem persisted.

One citizen said he thought it was unfortunate that people would no longer be able to fish from the bridge.

“Fresh fish is one of the few healthy foods in this town that poor people eat,” said Mike Kilmer. “You know, poor people eat so much junk food.”

Johnson said that people probably shouldn’t be eating fish caught from the bridge.

“I think the health department has issued a statement that anything taken from Bayou Texar is not fit to eat,” the councilman said. “In fact, many of our waterways are polluted.”