Bayou Chico Restoration update meeting Jan. 13

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection invites stakeholders – government representatives, scientists, environmental organizations and others – to attend a meeting that will provide updates on the ongoing efforts to restore Bayou Chico. The restoration plan, which addresses excessive levels of fecal coliform, was adopted four years ago.

WHAT: Bayou Chico Restoration Plan Annual Update Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, Jan. 13
9 a.m.

WHERE: Escambia County Board of Commissioners Central Office Complex
3363 West Park Place
Pensacola, FL 32505

The meeting will include discussion of restoration efforts accomplished over the past year, progress towards restoration and future plans for further source identification and water-quality monitoring. During this past year, stakeholders successfully identified and eliminated direct sources of fecal coliform bacteria discovered through collaborative field investigations and water-quality monitoring strategies.

“We are proud of all the focused efforts stakeholders in the Bayou Chico basin have implemented during the last year,” said Tom Frick, director of the Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration. “Watershed restoration depends on effective team efforts like these and continued adaptive management strategies.”

The restoration plan, known as a basin management action plan or BMAP, covers Bayou Chico and six water body segments, all of which flow into Bayou Chico and the bay: Jones Creek, Jackson Creek, Bayou Chico Drain, Bayou Chico Beach, Bayou Chico proper and Sanders Beach. BMAPs are long-term plans developed in collaboration with stakeholders that identify strategies and projects to eliminate or reduce pollutant sources and restore the water body.

For more information about the Bayou Chico restoration plan, please click here.