BCC meets behind closed doors on Roads

From the Sunday paper:

IT IS THE INTENTIONof the Board of County Commissioners of Escambia County, Florida, to hold a private meeting with its attorney to discuss pending litigation in the case of Roads, Inc. of NWF v. Escambia County in accordance with Section 286.011 (8), Florida Statutes. Such attorney-client session will be held during the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners scheduled to commence at 3:45 p.m., C.S.T. on Thursday, April 17, 2008, in the BCC Meeting Room, First Floor, County Governmental Complex, 221 Palafox Place. Commissioners D. M. “Mike” Whitehead, Gene Valentino, Marie Young, Grover Robinson, IV, and Kevin White, County Administrator Robert R. “Bob” McLaughlin, Attorney representing Escambia County Ryan Ross, County Attorney Alison Rogers and a certified court reporter will attend the attorney-client session.

Board of County Commissioners
Escambia County, Florida
Legal No. 72210 1T April 13, 2008