2 thoughts on “Bender on jail [podcast]

  1. So Commissioner Bender did this stealth visit to the jail and claims to have seen all the things that Chairman Bergosh did, with knowledge that Wes Moreno was going to come up with a plan. Then sat on the dais for months without sharing that knowledge with his fellow commissioners, and stayed mum about conditions in the jail during the entirety of the talks where he advocated for his past insurance company to get a contract extension, and never once seconded Commissioner May during any of the times that he pounded on the conditions in that jail, and demanded that the situation be looked into by administration. Commissioner Bender’s own timeline makes clear as well that he never corrected Chief Powell on any of the multitude of lies that he told about the conditions in the jail infrastructure and the overcrowding during the height of covid. Not once. Never said a word.

    Sounds about right.

  2. Just curious, these guys run the county and are not new. Why as the bosses you would never visit a place you are in charge of in the first year elected. They all seem so surprised that the jail is falling apart. In my opinion the blame is on them, even after the explosion at the other building and no visits. There is no “in crowd” at the jail, no one to wine and dine them.

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