Biggest Pensacola Wins

Thumbs up

Where did the greater Pensacola area have its biggest wins last week? The Santa Rosa Island Authority finally looking at plans for a public parking garage on Pensacola Beach; Derrick Brooks being honored; County commissioners careful review of budget recommendations; and the vote on the half-cent sales tax.

The SRIA has plans before it to relieve the parking congestion on Pensacola Beach. The exact location of the structure has yet to be determined, but this is good news for the public that pays a $1 to get on the beach then finds there is nowhere in the commercial district to park.

Derrick Brooks was honored with a huge banquet at the Pensacola Civic Center on June 28. While his list of athletic accomplishments is impressive, his contributions to the community are even more so. The Pensacola Sports Association did a great job with this event.

The Escambia County commissioners are not just taking staff recommendations for budget cuts and rubber stamping them. They are asking questions and studying the issues. They didn’t accept the suggested cut for the Escambia Community Clinics and may even increase funding for public health.

How was the half-cent vote a win? Because it gave us a clear mandate to find other ways to deal with this issue. The maybes kill you in decision-making. There aren’t any maybes here – the public doesn’t want any more taxes. The county and the hospitals need to find a different way to handle the issue of the uninsured. It can be done – just not with a new sales tax. The county officials need to get more engaged with this problem.