Accused Billings murderer – “Born Again” self defense instructor

Patrick Gonzalez (Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Jr.), one of the two men accused of murdering Byrd and Melanie Billings, is a south Santa Rosa County resident who tried to make a living as Taekwondo instructor teaching self defense to women and children in the Gulf Breeze area. Part of his sales pitch was that he was “Born Again” Christian who had overcome a drug and alcohol addiction. His nickname “Little Poff” is from the Poff Taekwondo Karate School, which may be the address that Gonzalez gave the ECSO.

According to the Web, Poff Taekwondo Karate School is located at 1468 College Pkwy, Gulf Breeze. The ECSO listed his address as the 1400 block of College Pkwy.

Gonzalez and Wayne Thomas Coldiron of Pensacola and were arrested on open counts of murder, accused in a home invasion for the Billings murders. Gonzalez’s father, Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Sr., was arrested earlier in the day and charged with tampering with evidence in the case.