Billings press conference

Sheriff David Morgan said at the 3 p.m. press conference that the ECSO is looking for three black males and possibly white male who were involved in the Billings murder. Morgan release a video of two males dressed in “Ninja garb” entering the northside of the Billings residence through an unlocked utility room door. The ECSO suspects that a third person have remained in the vehicle, which was metallic blue or gold Escalade.

Sheriff Morgan said robbery was a motive for the murders, but left open the possibility of other motives.

This new evidence means five people entered the Billings home and possible two others remained in the getaway vehicles. Morgan believes the three black males live in Okaloosa County and were acquaintances of Patrick Gonzalez. The sheriff showed a video of two males with Gonzalez taken from a local Wal Mart. He said the the trio were buying items used in the crime.


The ECSO is questioning “persons of interest” and hopes to have one or two more arrests later today.

The Sheriff said that at this time the ECSO is not looking into the business dealings of Boyd Billings and would not talk about whether the Billings kept large amounts of money in their home. He would not release any details of the murder themselves, other than the victims were shot multiple times and that the intruders were only on the property for about 10 minutes. He does believe that they have the mastermind of the crime in custody.

Morgan would not say if they have any of the weapons or garb used in the crime.

The Sheriff said that all nine children were in the home during the murders and that three children saw the intruders. All the children are safe with family.