Blog and DonorsChoose help local students

On this blog, we have an ad for that leads to a link for donation requests by local teachers for their students. All politics aside, public education is about the classrooms and the students. We’re proud that we have been able to help several teachers, via DonorsChoose. Here is letter from one teacher, Ms. Palmer:

Dear Rick Outzen,

I am truly grateful for your generosity in funding this project, which is bringing my students the opportunity to use technology in your classroom the way it was meant to be experienced. More importantly because of your kindness my students have discovered the impact the kindness of others can make to someone in need and are beginning to believe that they too can impact someone else’s life and make the world a better place.

Headphones seem like such a simple item and most people take it for granted that a classroom with technology would also have headphones to use with the technology. This was not the case in our room. The few sets of headphones we had sounded distorted and the sound only came out of one side. The rest of the technology had no headphones at all, so the children had the sound on a low volume and strain to hear any sound at all.

Thanks to your kindness our classroom is an enjoyable place to learn. I am able to conduct reading groups and allow the other students to use the computer or listen to a book at the same time. My students have commented several times how much quieter the classroom is. For this and so much more my students and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With gratitude,
Ms. Palmer