Blog protest

From the blogger “Truth”:

Rick Outzen, I stand accused in post #12.I sincerly believe you pander to the liberals & progressive socialists on this blog.I become incensed when YOU dont have the balls to let someone other than your”elect” offer opinion on this blog.I arrived at my political views after 60+ years of life,being part of the Vietnam debacle,& watching the Democrats control congress if not the white house for the majority of my lifetime.Your views are biased by your life experiences as are all on this blog.Just wish you could quit being such a diode, a one way device about the entire social system.I dare you to print this,it would show your biases & weaknesses for what they are.

This is a rather tame posting for “Truth.”  My policy stands – argue ideas and opinions; avoid name calling; and use humor whenever possible. Otherwise, move on to another blog or website.