Boil water notice partially lifted

ECUA’s sampling team undertook an aggressive sampling effort that began on Friday afternoon in order to help us clear the system-wide Precautionary Boil Water Notice (PBWN) as quickly as possible. Our teams collected 385 samples at 190 sites in 48 hrs. (2 samples per site) and all but two of these samples’ results have returned as clear. As such, effective immediately, the system-wide Precautionary Boil Water Notice (PBWN) issued by the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) on September 16 has been lifted, with the exception of the two areas within our system. These areas are the Kings Road Subdivision and a 4-block area in East Hill delineated by 16th Avenue, east to 20th Avenue, and E. Mallory St., south to E. Lloyd St.

ECUA will issue separate advisories to cover these two specific areas, however, following are the specific streets included in the separate advisories:

Kings Road Subdivision:

Turnberry Rd.
Donegal Dr.
Kings Rd.
Kinsale r.
Linton Way
St. Andrews Dr.
Brampton Way
Ashford Rd.
Derry Dr.
Glenmore Dr.
Callan Way
Templemore Dr.
Galway St.
Boxton Way
Portree Way

4-Block Area Within East Hill:

E. Mallory St. between N. 16th Ave. & N 20th Ave.
E. Lloyd between N. 16th Ave. & N. 20th Ave.
E. Moreno St. between N. 16th Ave. & N 20th Ave.
E. Blount St. between N. 16th Ave. & N 20th Ave.
E. Lee between N. 16th Ave. & N 20th Ave.
N. 16th Ave. between E. Mallory St. and E. Lloyd St.
N. 17th Ave. between E. Mallory St. and E. Lloyd St.
N. 18th Ave. between E. Mallory St. and E. Lloyd St.
N. 19th Ave. between E. Mallory St. and E Lloyd St.
N. 20th Ave. between E. Mallory St. and E. Lloyd St.


3 thoughts on “Boil water notice partially lifted

  1. Laura Buchinger, what about *anything* in Warrington. (Other than Gulf Power, who is doing an amazing job.)

    Never was any assistance at all to the entire West Side before the distribution centers were abruptly shut down. Forest Creek, Lexington Arms, Aero Vista, Myrtle Grover, Beach Haven–nothing.

    No communication at all from Doug Underhill’s office, while he blatantly focuses on Perdido Key and his own house damage. But then, this is typical and nobody is surprised.

    And with the vacuum of leadership and experience in Janice Gilley’s administration, don’t expect her to step in and fill the gap. The only help the West Side has received has come from Commissioner May and the feedings at Olive Baptist, which Doug didn’t even bother to Facebook an announce on, even though he has been hanging on social media for days..

    Even out on Perdido Key, he’s is taking credit for things that Gene Valentino is doing. All the people who received the hot food from The Point need to thank him for getting that generator donated and hooking it up. All the people who haven’t had ice or a hot meal in Warrington, maybe you can work your way down to the Key and fight for a seat at the table there.

  2. From Peoples:
    Dear Valued Customers,

    Peoples Water Service Company has rescinded/canceled the Precautionary Boil Water Notice previously issued due to Hurricane Sally. We have completed the required water quality testing and received confirmation of those water samples tested indicated no presence of harmful bacteria. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (850) 455-8552.

    Thank you,

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