Boone report: Council committee round-up

By IN Reporter Sean Boone

After hearing a presentation from All For One Escambia co-chair Scott Remington, City Council voted to approve a consolidated form of government for charter review. Councilman John Jerralds said, Change is now taking an odor and said a unified government between city and county creates a better chance for our area to succeed. A motion for approval passed unanimously.

Airport Hotel

Council fulfilled its previous recommendation to approve an 11.44 airport property lease with Sandspur Development to create a Hyatt Place Hotel. Under the agreement, the developer will have 25 years of exclusive rights for hotel construction and an additional 25 years first option development rights thereafter. Once completed, the hotel is expected to create an estimated 200 new jobs for the area.

Halcorp Lease

The liquid asphalt company Halcorp, renewed its lease with the Port of Pensacola. Council voted to approve a 2.5 year contract with the company that is expected to create a $275,000 revenue increase in its first year and increase to more than $300,000 in year two. The company held a previous 20-year contract with the city from 1988 to 2008.

16 South Palafox

A recommendation from Council to reject a submission from Palafox 16, LLC developers to buy the city property at that address for $250,000 was upheld. After creating an RFP in September, only one group–Palafox 16–showed interest, but offered a bid too far below its appraised value. The property–which was formally ESP Natural Gas headquarters for the city–was appraised at $725,000 in 2006.