Boone Report: McNesby must disperse campaign funds by Nov. 24

By IN reporter Sean Boone

According to current Escambia County Supervisor of Elections campaign finance records, Sheriff Ron McNesby has more than $90,000 in campaign funds left over from this year’s Sheriff’s race.

McNesby lost the Republican primary on Aug. 26.

Under election guidelines, he has 90 days from that date–which would be Nov. 24–to dispose of the funds before facing possible penalties from the Florida Elections Committee.

Supervisor of Elections David Stafford says a candidate has multiple options when it comes to dispersing his or her remaining funds.

“Each candidate can return the share where each contributor would get half of what they gave,” he says. “Two, they can donate the funds to a charity–with no more than $10,000 being given to a political party. They can also give funds to the county or political subdivision (which would be the Sheriffs Office for McNesby) or give a portion to all of these.”