Boone report

Voters stream in for election voting
by Sean Boone

Although Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties have already seen record turnouts for early voting in this years election, many people still stood in line to vote at area voting locations on Tuesday.

By 11:30 a.m., the South Santa Rosa County Recreation Center in Gulf Breeze reported nearly 1,100 votes.

“I’m expecting 85 percent here,” said Clay Ford, who is running for State Rep. District 3 and is a resident of Gulf Breeze. “My wife was over at Summit (in Pensacola) and came back over here because there are more people (voting).”

Those coming out to vote were adamant about what issues and who they were voting for in the presidential election.

“What’s important to me is having someone with military experience,” said Maggie Vonachen. “As far as the election goes, I’m 65 and this is probably the most upsetting and prayerful election (I’ve seen).”

Robin Renfroe described the election as “historical” and said Obama was her candidate of choice based on two key issues.

“I feel the biggest issues we are facing are the economy and our involvement overseas,” she said.

By mid-afternoon, many locations-particularly in Pensacola-had accounted for a good majority of their voters.

“I think its been a pretty good turnout (today),” said Robbie Andrews, who is running for City Council Dist. 7. “Hopefully it will get better (as the day goes on).”