Bots tie up blog

Apparently our reporting has upset someone. Since 10:35 a.m. on Monday, we have been under attack from bots that overwhelmed our server–50,000 “viewers” at the same time repeatedly.

The attack was well done and nearly untraceable. Security and firewalls have been tweeked, and we’re back up.

Was it our reporting on the March for Our Lives rallies or the county jail that provoked the attacks? Or were the bots totally unconnected to our reporting and simply it was our turn to be attacked?

City of Grudges….might be a good title for a novel.


2 thoughts on “Bots tie up blog

  1. UWF sponsors cyberthons. Can you enlist our cybersnoop neighbors to detect culprits?

  2. By “nearly untraceable” I hope that means you know who did it, will press charges, and publicly shame them.

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