BP memo shakes nuts out of the tree

From an “adoring fan” – Josh Derrick:
I am very disappointed that you and the Daily Beast would result to using such an obvious fake document against BP in your article. Anyone with any sense can see clearly that this is a fake.

You can easily tell it’s not real. It’s not the same font that BP uses (granted its similar) and the flower is not as round, it’s a bit askew. BP also always have the bp next to the flower and offset to the top right, not right beside it.

It cannot be any more obvious that this is a fake. I’m not saying they don’t think like that, but the memo, which isn’t really a memo either, is definitely a fake.

My reply:
Mr. Derrick:
BP did not dispute the document – today when I spoke with their representative or when it was presented in court. BP employees have testified to the validity of the two-document which was part of the 161-page Group HSE Standard Major Accident Risk Awareness Training report dated Oct. 17, 2002. BTW: BP has settled $1.6 billion in claims out of court.

Thank you for your concern about the veracity of my article. My hope is you will apply the same keen acumen and astute investigative ability to Glenn Beck’s next show. He could use your help with the Obama birth certificate.

Rick Outzen