Breakdown of early voting

For Escambia County:
These figures are as of noon, Oct. 27 and include early voting and absentees.

County Districts

Dist. 1 Democrat–3,490 Republican–4,565
Dist. 2 Democrat–3,267 Republican–5,594
Dist 3 Democrat–5,571 Republican–1,461
Dist 4 Democrat–3,865 Republican–5,490
Dist 5 Democrat–3,557 Republican–4,898

Total Democrats: 19,750 Republicans: 22,008

City Districts
Dist. 1 Democrat–636 Republican–779
Dist. 2 Democrat–547 Republican–632
Dist. 3 Democrat–569 Republican–1,041
Dist. 4 Democrat–556 Republican–792
Dist. 5 Democrat–1,128 Republican–195
Dist. 6 Democrat–872 Republican–271
Dist. 7 Democrat–818 Republican–198

Total Democrats: 5,126 Republicans: 3,908

State Race Overall (Escambia)
State House Dist. 3 Democrat–9,796 Republican–8,146