Breaking news: Escambia breaks single day death record

The Florida Department of Health reported 11 more deaths for Escambia County, passing the previous daily record of 10 deaths.

The county had 175 new cases – 75 of which were at the Century state prison, 30 tied to nursing homes. Hospitalizations increased by 21.  The positivity rate was 17.4% on 963 test results.

For the first 10 days of August, Escambia County has had 34 deaths – more than March, April and May combined. We will likely have 10,000 cases by the end of the week.

The positivity rate for August is 15.7% – up from 12.4% in July.


as of Aug 11 8/9/20 8/10/20 Increase
Total Cases       536,961       542,792     5,831
Fla Residents       531,217       536,981     5,764
Deaths           8,277           8,553        276
Escambia           9,632           9,807        175
Fla Residents           8,742           8,914        172
Deaths              120              131          11
Hospitalizations              542              563          21
LTC              850              880          30
Corrections              755              830          75
Positivity 17.5% 17.4% -0.1%
Santa Rosa           3,963           4,013          50
Fla Residents           3,932           3,980          48
Deaths                38                40            2
Hospitalizations              190              193            3
LTC              194              194           –
Corrections              964              966            2
Positivity 16.3% 18.7% 2.4%

2 thoughts on “Breaking news: Escambia breaks single day death record

  1. Rite..I hate that any one dies
    But at this point an my age death is looking pretty damn good all I get with unemployment is the run around from day one an you have us out of work again let number I have 6 years lost my house. Can’t pay my bills at my age trying to find work sucks oh an I have to have money to get my driver’s license back thanks fl

  2. Countdown to some BS excuse about how it was the manner they were recorded in. Actually those flies were dropping in a more spread out manner than on a single sill. Look it’s only the old people, which is sad but… How many of those were really Florida residents? It’s such an insignificant portion of the population! etc.

    You can fill in anything I’ve missed, Steve.

    Marie Mott giving the DOH presentation for the first time was some glimmer of hope (thank God for small favors we don’t have to listen to Lanza’s lying song and dance in his capacity as department head any more).
    It was such a relief to hear her answer a couple of questions that she would really like to be able to answer them, but she just doesn’t know the answer.

    It was a reminder that there’s still a capacity and a chance for honesty and integrity in leadership positions. They’re exhibiting just that over in Tampa/Hillsborough County, fighting DeathSantis tooth and nail on his homicidal authoritarianism attempting to force children, teachers, and support staff back to inevitable spread and unnecessary, avoidable deaths.

    “Some of this stuff is just not debatable anymore,” DeSantis said during a Monday roundtable at a Hillsborough County charter school alongside Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran. “We’re going in a good direction in this area and that’s just the reality.”

    –Said nobody ever about anything having to do with covid in this country who wasn’t lying, a fool, or a lying fool.

    Hopefully, here on the home front, Gilley and her entourage will be on their lonesome to fake the Escambia covid stats from here on out, without the assistance of the DOH. Hospital admins seem to be off in a corner now playing their own game up pick up sticks.

    Malcolm Thomas, the community is looking for one more County leader to join Commissioner May, the only County leader we have on covid right now. How about standing up to DeSantis?

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If ever a person had an opportunity to transform a lame duck status into a stand-up heritage of community heroism, this is it.

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