Breaking news: Escambia County has 10 COVID deaths (update)

We’re crunching the numbers but FDOH reports Escambia County has 10 new deaths – bringing total to 73.  We will add more to this post after we’ve analyzed the data.

UPDATE: We’ve now passed the 2019 death total for chronic liver disease and cirrhosis (68).  It may be a single day record for COVID and maybe any cause of death other than cancer.

Hospitalizations jumped to 306 – up 16.  We’ve repeatedly reported that deaths and hospitalizations trail new cases by two weeks – we could be up for more tragedy in the coming days and weeks.

Escambia now was 6,461 cases – 159 were added today.  Of today’s cases – 151 are Florida residents, nine tied to nursing homes and one to corrections. The median age is 37 and the positivity rate is 12.6% for 1,140 test results.

The county has three more children (0-4) and 11 in the 5-14 age group with the virus.

Santa Rosa has 57 new cases and one additional death. Median age 46 and positivity rate 13.6% on 477 tests.

The state had 10,269 new cases–and may top 400K tomorrow –and 173 deaths. The positivity rate 12.31%.


as of July 23 7/21/20 7/22/20 Increase
Total Cases        379,619    389,888     10,269
Fla Residents        374,920    385,091     10,171
Non-Fla.            4,699        4,777            78
Deaths Per DOH            5,345        5,518          173
Escambia            6,302        6,461          159
Okaloosa            2,104        2,134            30
Santa Rosa            2,090        2,147            57

3 thoughts on “Breaking news: Escambia County has 10 COVID deaths (update)

  1. Melissa, I agree with you that testing, results, reporting and interpretation are all unreliable. I would refer you to the following article, which includes this statement:

    ‘…regarding testing for COVID-19. We’ve done more testing than any other country and bragged a lot about doing so; but no one seems to have survived to give a proper interpretation of the results.

    To begin with, the tests currently in use do not test for the entire virus, rather they just test for various fragments of it. Many of the results are thus false, sometimes false positives and sometimes false negatives. This means one has to interpret their results with caution. Our medical authorities, to say nothing of our political ones, don’t seem to be able to do this.’

  2. God help our front liners and healthcare workers.

    Anyone who has time should click through to the article Kim C posted above:

    “COVID-19 testing nonprofit CEO: Florida Department of Health reporting inaccurate results”

    The *CEO* of a non-profit testing company put it down on paper that Florida DOH is manipulating data and not recording positives:

    “Hill said the COVID-19 data for the entire state “is skewed,” with 6,900 antibody tests and more than 16,000 antigen tests “that have not been accurately reported” by FDOH “because they refused to accept the results of both of these FDA-EUA (emergency use authorized) approved tests at the time they were administered.””

    “The statement directly indicates that positive results are being made aware to the DOH, however, they are being withheld from the public,” Hill said.

    “He added that DOH is now including PanCare’s negative antigen results, but not the positive ones. Also, “DOH has now requested patient-specific information on all negative results since June 1.”

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