Breaking news: Escambia has four more deaths, death toll surpasses 100

FDOH reports Escambia County had four additional deaths bringing the total to 101. The positivity rate for August 3 jumped back up to 12.7%.

Santa Rosa County had six new deaths and its positivity rate is 12.8%.

We will complete my analysis of the reports and update to this post before noon.

Update 11 a.m.

COVID deaths continue to mount statewide – topping 7,402.  Escambia and Santa Rosa contributed 10 deaths to the daily total of 245.

Escambia County had 137 new cases – 124 Florida residents with 11 tied to nursing homes and one to corrections. The median age is 43 and positivity rate of 12.7% on 993 test results. Hospitalizations increased by 19 patients to 466.

Since the county administration’s last press conference on July 10, Escambia County has had 4,600 new COVID-19 cases, 48 more deaths and 291 more hospitalizations. Of the new cases,  348 were associated with nursing homes.

Santa Rosa County had 68 new cases – 67 Florida residents with nine tied to nursing homes and nine to corrections. The median age is 42 and positivity rate of 12.8% on 532 test results. Hospitalizations increased by nine patients to 171.



as of Aug 4 8/2/20 8/3/20  Increase
Total Cases       491,884       497,330     5,446
Fla Residents       486,384       491,773     5,389
Deaths           7,157           7,402        245
Escambia           8,125           8,262        137
Fla Residents           7,265           7,389        124
Deaths                97              101            4
Hospitalizations              447              466          19
LTC              727              738          11
Corrections                63                64            1
Positivity 11.3% 12.7% 1.4%
Santa Rosa           3,484           3,552          68
Fla Residents           3,460           3,527          67
Deaths                24                30            6
Hospitalizations              162              171            9
LTC              152              161            9
Corrections              798              807            9
Positivity 12.4% 12.8% 0.4%

2 thoughts on “Breaking news: Escambia has four more deaths, death toll surpasses 100

  1. Thank you, Mr. Edgar. Anyone who is speaking to people working in the hospitals knows that these figures the PNJ is pumping out are fiction. I complained about the puffy nature of PNJ’s coverage of this virus on another thread here yesterday. They need to snap out of their star gazing into the future and focus on the here and now.

    You would be doing your community a real service, PNJ, if you started worrying less about smart towns more about conscientious reporting of the facts on the ground. There are enough sources of disinformation flying about and at us without our local media working so hard to contribute to the fog of unreality.

  2. Persons with personal knowledge have told me that the PNJ is reporting figures regarding available ICU beds that are not accurate. According to my sources, there are days when no space is available yet PNJ reports otherwise — supposedly based on information provided by hospitals to the city and county.

    The public has a right to know the true situation.

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