Breaking news: What to do with 6ft 4in statue

Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons is trying to figure out what to do what life-size statues of his predecessor, David Morgan, and former Lt. Jason Potts and his canine that showed up at ECSO headquarters last week.

I heard the rumor over the weekend and Sheriff Simmons confirmed this morning the statues, costing about $75,000, had arrived. Apparently Morgan ordered them without telling Simmons.

It was too late to cancel the order when the new sheriff found out about it. Simmons has yet to decide what to do with the statues.

My hands are full today. I’ll let the other media follow-up on this crazy story.


3 thoughts on “Breaking news: What to do with 6ft 4in statue

  1. Until it gets melted down, the statute of Morgan needs a public name. How about “Hubris”?

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