Brentwood, next Operation Brownsville?


WEAR has called out local government to do something about the Brentwood area. In its newscast last night, it was reported:

Some Brent residents say their neighborhood is infested with crime, and nobody cares.
They’re fed up with their kids watching prostitutes and crack dealers make exchanges in their front yards

Wanda Morado/ Brent resident: “I’m tired of it, I have prostitutes living down the streets…I have crack addicts they tried to sell you drugs on both ends of my streets.”

426 Norris Avenue is where Wanda Morado has lived for over 20 years. This wife and mother says she’s tired of watching her neighborhood be taken over by crack addicts. So wanda posted a 6 foot message in the front yard of her brent home—reading…shoot em all!

The only problem I had with the report was that it didn’t make it clear that the area is in the county and not within the city limits. It appears to be a situation very similar to Brownsville.

BTW: Brentwood area is about 3 miles from Escambia County Sheriff Office headquarters….426 Norris Avenue is a 10-min. drive.