Brockovich’s Weeklong Trip To Coast

With the Deep Horizon oil spill threatening the Gulf Coast, national environmental activist and legal consultant Erin Brockovich has made a stop in our area to speak with media and those potentially affected by the spill.

She first spoke to the media at the inaugural Hangout Beach Music & Arts Festival in Gulf Shores on May 15.

“Everyone knows the value of what you have. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s worth protecting and preserving and I know everyone is concerned with what’s going on. I know everyone is concerned with what’s going on and I think it will be our jobs to watch and be vigilant and if anything does occur, don’t be afraid to take action your self,” she said during an informal question and answer press conference at the Hangout Fest.

Brockovich joined musicians Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule) and Grace Potter (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals), as well as Kick Kennedy, granddaughter of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Riverkeepers representative for the 15-minute conference, which was centered around water issues.

“Should anything happen we’re here to help you,” said Brokovich. “But right now enjoy the beach.”

Brokovich, who has no formal law education, is most famous for putting together a legal case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in 1993 for contaminating the ground water of Hinkley, Calif. The case was later made into a motion picture and starred Julia Roberts. She currently is a consultant for the New York Law firm Weltz & Luxenberg, which has filed suits in the wake of the British Petroleum spill.

Tomorrow at 6 p.m., Brockovich will join Levin-Papantonio legal advisor Carol Moore to co-host an oil-related forum at the Saenger Theater. The two firms of Levin and Weltz will have other legal representatives on hand to answer questions.

Other notes from Hangout press conference:

“I think anywhere near the water is something I always try to do, because I write a lot of music about the water. I actually have a lot of weird fears of the water, but at the same time it’s the most purifying and real thing we have on this earth.”—Grace Potter

“I think if you want to change the way our country deals with the way we treat our environment you have to get involved with the political process. I encourage everyone to get to the heart of the issue and attack it there.”—Kick Kennedy

“I don’t remember ever being at a festival on the water. I think it’s unique for that reason…we’re on the beach.”—Warren Haynes